Society is just now realizing the power of highly distributed, hyper-networked creator agents. That is, people like you and me who live everywhere and are connected to people and communities everywhere else. Billions of these hearty souls are rapidly evolving into creator agents. We are moving mountains with our smartphones, tablets and service plans.
Every age has its detractors and Doomsayers grousing about how this or that technology or change will send society to, well, doom. There are also dreamers and thinkers who speak in hopeful terms and explain how the changes will benefit society. Of course they are human too, and are fallible; however,  they tend to be right more often than not, probably because they adhere to a simple belief in the ability of people to direct changes toward their overall benefit.
“If you are seeking to participate and thrive in the new Creator Age, this fascinating book is an absolute must read!”
Shep Hyken, New York Times bestselling author of The Amazement Revolution

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