It’s Your Choice to Buy American

Many people ask themselves what they can do to help our economy and the American way of life. Most of us believe that there is very little that one person can do. 


Over the course of many years, we, as Americans, made the choice to purchase cheaper products made elsewhere, and as a result, more and more jobs were shipped overseas to provide us cheaper products. Businesses react to consumer demand, and our demand was for cheaper products. We now find ourselves in a position where we are continually losing our manufacturing base. The result of this is a shrinking middle class, higher unemployment, and less opportunity for growth into the middle class. 

Individuals, working together, can reverse this trend. By seeking out American-made products, and by our willingness to pay a little more for those products if necessary, we can again create the demand for products made here, reversing the trend to ship our jobs overseas.

Each individual CAN make a difference, but it is our choice on whether to support those businesses, and to spur new ones, by supporting those companies who hire American workers and produce products here.

A Matter of National Security

There is one more reason to consider, and one that not many people are tying in to our shrinking manufacturing base. That factor is national security. 

During World War II, American factories were converted to war materials manufacturing. Every job we have lost, and will lose in the future, reduces our ability to respond in an event of another large-scale war. In addition, losing our manufacturing skill set also reduces our ability to convert, as it will take a generation to rebuild the manufacturing knowledge and skill sets required, once lost.

Simply stated, we, as Americans, have the ability to change our own course, expand our middle class, re-ignite our manufacturing base, and provide the opportunity for those less fortunate to join an expanding middle class.  
It all starts with one purchase – from YOU!

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